Jeju Hallim Park with 3 Jeju plenties - Wind, Stones and women

Situated at Hallim near to Jeju-si, Hallim Park is a huge well-maintained botanical garden right at the Geumrueng beach. You could get the know the latest events and exhibition at it's official site here. We went on 23 May 2011 which is the end of Spring seasons in Jeju. Of course we missed the chance to see the cherry blossom garden because of this :( Moreover, the time we we there was very windy. Wind - is the first 'plenties' in Jeju. Since it's just next to the beach, there are hardly any obstacles that blocking the sea breeze. Walking pass the palm trees avenue made us worry that some rotten leaves would fell on our head :) because the palm trees were swinging vigorously.

I'm not sure if it was the wind that caused this flower pot collapse ^^

But I think this bonsai appearance is not caused by the wind even it looks like it :D

I wonder how to make bonsai to grow in such way.. or it's something natural??

At some point of time, we decide to take a shelter from the wind in the covered subtropical garden.

We were just like this cute tortoise that hiding under it's shell.

The temperature in these covered garden are well controlled for tropical plants and animals

This park more than ordinary park when there is actually a real cave that we could explore (Hyeopjae & Ssangyong caves).

This is the real wind&rain shelter! I treat this as a mini Manjanggul Cave since we didn't manage to visit the longest larva-tube cave itself.

 Jae-Am Folk village would give you an old scene of the old days village of 1890's if you not manage to visit the "Jeju Folk Village Museum" like we did.

The bird garden also offer some bird species for animal and bird lovers. Wow! The white peacock is so pretty!

Stones.. which is the second of the 3 famous plenties in Jeju also available in this park for your eye feast

Great collection of stones which appeared to be in some interesting shapes like the one above - a bird that drinking water

a smiley side face :)

E.T. or CJ7 stone

Jeju stone with head

The third plenties in Jeju - women which complete the infamous Samdado - island of three abundances. Jeju women divers statue dedicated to the important women roles in Jeju island. Hmm, in case you don't know, in old times women was the head of families and earn the living from sea products. The real Girl power!

Lesson of the day - 1 of my favourite PS3 game Bayonetta originate from a plant name :D

Location Name: Jeju Hallim Park
Name in Korean: 한림공원
GPS Coordinate: N 33 23.441 E 126 14.267
Tel : 064-796-0001~4
Entrance Fee: 8000 won
Business hour : 8:30am – 6:00pm (summer, 8:30am – 7:30pm)
Address: Hyeopjae-ri, Hallim-eup, Jeju-do

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