Jeju Seongsan Ilchulbong - A Gigantic Crown

Rated as a World Natural Heritage by Unesco, Seongsan Ilchulbong is for you all the nature lovers out there. This gigantic crown like mountain was formed by volcanic activities and regarded as a holy mountain(Seong-san) by the local since many years ago. In fact the locals at the old days bow 4 times towards it as they passed by. Be early if your hotel is far away like mine(at Jungmun). If took us almost more than an hour drive because there are just too many speed traps on Jeju island. After I parked my rented car, I can't see the mountain is actually in a con shape(bird view) as described. :P

Seongsan-ilchulbong written in Chinese character and this is in Korean ->  성산일출봉. Entrance tickets counter open for business right in front of the car park spaces.

Similar to my other earlier posts about Jeju hotspots, how could I never mentioned the Jeju abundant! Yes, it's the WIND! See how the young girl in front of me seems surprised by the strong breeze.

All walks of life - the walking trail which heading towards Seongsan was crowded with local and foreign tourists.

Here is where plant being protected. Thumbs up from me, for the effort to preserve the natural beauty as well as maintaining Seongsan from the Unesco's list.

 Stones of various mystic shape were on display along the stairway to the top.

Wow, seems we were quite high above(half-way) the ground after less than an hour walk. Pics above is a 'right' view towards the ground. Those look like ants are actually tourist that just start to walk on the trails to the  top.

And this is the 'left' view. Notice that Seongsan is connected to the main island with some some narrow land only.

Ahh.. finally we reach the top! However, we can't get the bird view of Seongsan of course. This shot is actually only able to show some part of the whole crown like rock formation highlighted above. We were not allow to walk down to the lower ground anyway.

If you are not an active mountain hikers (like me), you could opt to not hike mount Hallasan and choose only Seongsan for a more relaxing trip. Of course, no pain no gain. I read many good reviews of Mt Hallasan for it's good scenery which I think would be worth a visit if your stay on Jeju is long enough(as there are quite a lot to explore here).

After spending some time chilling around and photo shooting session, we walk down from the top back to the ground again.

I read from somewhere that horse riding is a ideal activity here but I could not spot any horse that day. The scenery here is just stunning until we spend too much time chilling around and we had to give Seopjikoji a miss! :'(


Moreover, we almost forgot that we haven't had anything for lunch yet! We managed to try some snack at the gate before looking for lunch nearby. I forgot what is the name of this snack that my wife bought.

Hmm.. I found something more interesting.. meat! haha, it's normal for a guy to pick meat snack and girl to pick dessert type snack. This looks like Korea version of Satay sized XXL.


Location Name: Seongsan Ilchulbong
Name in Korean: 성산일출봉
GPS Coordinate: N 33 27.738 E 126 56.154
Tel : +82-64-710-7923, +82-64-783-0959 (Korean)
Entrance Fee: 2000 won
Business hour : 1 hour before sunrise - 8pm (Winter ) , 1 hour before sunrise - 9pm (Summer )
Address: Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Seogwipo-si Seongsan-eup Seongsan-ri 114
PS: If you wish to vote Jeju Seongsan as the new 7 wonders of nature, please do it here

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