Jeju Yong Duam and Oedolgae Rock

Rock is 1 of the 3 abundants in Jeju island beside women and wind. If you like all the 3 abundants including rocks, then Yong Duam and Oedolgae Rock should be in your itinerary. Anyway, these 2 place is not near to each other - Yong Duam rock is near to Jeju airport while Oedolgae rock near to Seougwipo City. You may want to drop by these 2 places if you happen to pass by. The reason I said so is because you won't spend much time here and some might not enjoy rock watching especially Yong Duam rock. There is not much to do and see at Yong Duam but it's an iconic tourist spot for picture taking and scenic sea view would make it worth a 30 mins stop by.

In fact, the time I reach there by following the gps devices attached in my rented Avis car, I spent some time to figure out which is the Dragon Head(Yong Duam) rock at the seashore. It was a windy, cold and late evening after dawn and I finally spot a dragon like rock head looking at me. However it seems this is not the actual dragon head rock :P I thought too much.

I decided to walk around and finally I found it! I know this is not the best angle to get the dragon head shape but because of the cold wind and it was getting darker, it decided to head for dinner as my stomach was making sounds ..

Location Name: Yong Duam Rock (Dragon Head rock)
Name in Korean: 용두암
GPS Coordinate: N 33 30.956 E 126 30.719
Tel : ??
Entrance Fee: free
Business hour : 24x7 (better not at night :))
Address: Jeju-si Yongdam-dong

Ok, let's go to Oedolgae Rock at Seogwipo-si. Again, the time I reach here is at dawn :P and it's not the best time to take great photos. There is a park for you to stroll before reaching the spot where we could get the best view of Oedolgae rock.

Look at the clear water and the scenic view here. Even we were alone at the park at that time, we still able to enjoy  the great view here. I believe a passionate photographer would be able to capture the view here very dramatically. Yes, it's not me.

Rock, rock and rock and roll..

We watch  Dae Jang Gum (大長今) on purpose before visiting Jeju because many parts of the movies filmed at several spot in Jeju. This include Oedolgae rock!

I could feel the spirit of Dae Jang Gum here. :D

Location Name: Oedolgae Rock
Name in Korean: 외돌개 공원
GPS Coordinate: N 33 14.446 E 126 32.813
Tel : ??
Entrance Fee: free
Business hour : 24x7 (better not at night :))
Address: Seogwipo-si Seohong-dong 791

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