Tamiya Honda RC211V - tribute to Daijiro Kato

It been about 9 years ago when I followed some close buddies to watch MotoGP at Sepang Int. Circuit. I'm not a huge fans of super bike racing but since it was only rm50 entrance fee for a main  mall area seating, I thought it would be an interesting experience. And guess what, I love it! The crowd.. cheers.. and the thundering engine sound was really mind blowing! Some time later, I went to some toy shop and found this Honda RC211V rode by the champion Valentino Rossi however was not the actual his version but the other team. I bought it since i think this blue bike looks even better than Rossi's :)

 If you are not familiar with what Tamiya has to offer in this box, let me tell you.. it's a self-assemble toy. I was too lazy to assemble it until recently(many years later) :P

I'm not using everything sold by Tamiya which is very expensive. I get these cheap tools from some stationary shop and mr diy instead.

I'm going to share with you the whole process that took me about 2 weeks to finish.

Following the steps in the instruction carefully and this is the first thing to do.. engine..

The engine was growing with more parts

I took a shot everyday.. hmm what a slow progress

I just spend an hour or two daily after work to do this.. that's why

ohh yea.. here comes the tyres and body frames..

fit the engine to the body frame

another part the the body frame

attach the rear tyre to the body

bought this cheap Anchor spray paint(rm7.50) deep blue color with a hope it would look like the real bike blue. actual tamiya spray paint sold >rm40..

Sprayed it but the outcome was not so ideal :(

poor spraying skill resulted not so glossy paint coat.

ok.. continue with other parts..  front shock absorber

ready with brembo disc brake

exhaust pipe painted with silver and gold marker

exhaust attached with the seat

Using a cute little screw driver to tighten the little screw to combine the body with tyre

and now the exhaust pipe to join the part

finally it could stand up

the naked bike need some clothes

sexy bike!

oh boy.. it's all fully attached!! but wait... something still missing

Yes.. it the stickers!

lots of stickers..

It's not perfect but it still looks quite ok when I'm not wearing a specs. I chose number 74 as a tribute to Daijiro Kato

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