Jeju Yeomiji Botanical Garden

If you are nature and plant lover, this is another destination that might attract your interest. If you happen to stay at Jung Mun area during your visit to Jeju, this is not a bad choice to spend your precious 2 hours. If you try to view Jung Mun from Google map with the satelite view, you could easily spot an rounded building with thorn and that's the Exhibition hall of Yeomiji Botanical Garden. The are in-door and outdoor garden where different species of plants are carefully grown for viewing pleasure of every  visitors. Here come some of the spoiler picture to share again.


cactus garden

flowers in the pots

Weird looking plants which floats.

indoor mini waterfall

flower arch

symetric walkway

There are a few type of outdoor garden for us to discover

Water fountain at the  French Garden

Shot from a different angle

I think this should be the Japanese Garden

An Chinese Pavilion

This is the main exhibition hall that consist many sub-section that we could explore.

There is a lift at middle of the exhibition hall where visitors are able to take and visit the top of the tower

At the top of the tower, we would be able to see an arched bridge named Seonimkyo with the figures of 7 maidens sculpted on it

Sea view is a magnificent view of all time.  The height of the tower is sufficient for us to get a good view of the whole Jung Mun area. This is the mark the end of my visit to the garden.

Location Name: Yeomiji Botanical Garden
Name in Korean: 여미지식물원
GPS Coordinate: N 33 15.090 E 126 24.906
Tel : +82-64-1330
Entrance Fee: 6000 won
Business hour : 9:00am – 6:00pm
Address: Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Seogwipo-si Saekdal-dong 2920 within Jungmun Resort

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