Build MG Strike Freedom Gundam cheaply

Well, this is my first Gunpla project after my sudden interest into this Japan originated toys. Without even watch a episode of Gundam anime or read any review from any Gunpla websites, I pick up this box from Gamers Arena (toy shop) at Timesquare KL for rm178. The only idea I got was Gunpla need some marker to bring out it's details, so I grab a black 0.3 gundam marker before swiping the credit card. What caught my interest about Strike Freedom was the wing and the gold colored parts. In fact I was quite surprise and disappointed when I found out the actual gold parts not matching the one shown on the box printing. Later, I found out that in fact there is another MG 'full burst mode' version that having the shiny gold coating sold at a higher price
tag. I decided to find my way to create my own 'gold'.

Out of the box

This is how the original color of the gold parts which looks more like yellow brown. I bought a cheap gold spray paint 'Arrow Brand' at rm12.90.

 I saw many was saying never use cheap spray paint on plastic toys as it would melt the plastic. It's true for some brand such as 'TOA Spray'(rm6.50). Do not use this brand for plastic! The other brand such as 'Anchor' and 'Arrow Brand'(rm7.50~rm13) still consider ok if you shake it well before use. You could easily found those from hardware shop nearby your neighbourhood.

So I spray ...

and spray ..

spray and let it dry under the sun..

20120707-222654.jpgNot removing parts from the runners before coat it with paint << obviously a cheap and lazy way of assembling a Gunpla.


A passenger visible

more parts to build up the chest

door fully close with the passenger inside


parts of the head

in fact I forgot to stick on the decal on the eye before put them all together

piece and pieces of the hand

how it looks after put em on

shoulder part

notice the different after panel lining on the fingers with Gundam Marker?

Tada.. upper body assembled together..

both long leg after panel lining

the side gun weapon

some panel line on the body lower torso can't be reached by GM01 200

all body parts before it come together

after all part united

the wing is on the way..

the blue looks quite sharp with black and gold

2 pairs of wing (looks like chicken wings)

wings attached together and ready to be worn by it's master

it's quite hard to stand firmly after put the wings on.. gotta lean against something for this shot.. hmm still something missing? yes.. weapons!

this is it.. beam saber and beam rifles.

done with all the spray painting and panel lining.. what else?

applying decals.. Strike freedom comes with Dry Transfer decal and Sticker decal. it might take some effort for those who couldn't understand Japanese to do this job.


for beginner, Dry Transfer decal might need some knowledge on the applying method. I found out that this type of decal needs cellophane tape to hold it to the correct position before scratch it any suitable tool.

with appropriate amount of pressure, the decal would stick on successfully like a tattoo and the tape could be remove away

Finally, it's ready for action!

with the beam shield on, Strike Freedom is wearing everything it got now

ok now Strike Freedom is ready for action..

both rifle could be attached together to be a long beam cannon which is said to be more powerful in range and output.

similar to the beam rifles, both beam sabers could be combined together too

a samurai move

Kame hame Ha!

Arrghh.... The Super Strike Freedom!

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