Tokyo Budget Travel Itinerary Day1 & Day2 (Weds 16/10/2013 &Thurs 17/10/2013)

2:45 PM - Depart from LCCT Airport
with AirAsia X.
11:00 PM - Arrive at Haneda Airport Tokyo

Arrive at this hour might cause us trouble in getting to Hotel at the city centre because train service would stop around 12am and resume at 5am. We wanted to save money, hence we did really overnight at the airport itself!

12:40 AM - Air Lawson supper
How to kill time at Haneda airport?

  • First, we had our supper at Air Lawson convenient store. The 'steamboat' food we had is not bad. The bowl on the left cost 280 yen.
  • Can't help to grab some Japan snacks too. 445 yen.
  • Too bad that tickets for Gibli Museum sold out when I tried to purchase it at the Loppi machine at Air Lawson. The nice lawson cashier(who is actually a chinese) helped my with the machine.
  • Check here on how to purchase Gibli Museum ticket 

  • We did try the Vitamin Water (Summer Koo's favorite drink in HK drama "Triumph In The Sky 2") for 200 yen from a vending machine.

  • After tired from exploring around Haneda airport, we rested at some vacant chairs. Even, there are some cleaning going on during the night, it didn't bother or stopping us and many others from resting on the chairs available
  • There was free wifi service within the airport building too as well as power point for you to keep your gadget alive!

  • After a few restless hours, the train service finally resumed at 5am.
  • Before boarding the train, we looked for the Pasmo kiosk to purchase a Pasmo Prepaid IC card. 
  • With this card, it would make our life easier when travel with public transport.
  • Check here on how to buy a Pasmo

7:10 AM - Haneda Airport to Oak Hotel

We reach Oak Hotel we booked through at 7:10am by Train using the route below. Pasmo card used for the first time.

> Board Keikyu Airport Line 400? Train towards Inbanihonidai (8 mins, 5 stops)
> Keikyukamata Station, Continues as Keikyu Main Line (stay on board) Train towards Inbanihonidai (13 mins, 5 stops)
> Sengakuji Station (Platform 3,4), Continues as Asakusa Line (stay on board) 290? Subway towards Inbanihonidai (11 mins, 6 stops)
> Transit at Nihonbashi Station Ginza Line ?? Subway towards Asakusa (10 mins, 6 stops)
> Alight at Inaricho Station, Walk to Oak Hotel About 3 mins (230 m)

Our stay period with Oak Hotel:
  • Thu 17 Oct, 2013 - Wed 23 Oct, 2013 6 Nights, 1 Room, Max 2 Adult(s) RM 1,667.04 (USD 526.30)
  • Wed 23 Oct, 2013 - Thu 24 Oct, 2013 1 Night,, 1 Room, Max 2 Adult(s) RM 249.23 (7480 yen)
We top up another night at 23Oct directly with the Hotel receptionist with credit card, so we could have a place to rest/bath before boarding the Willer bus to Kyoto at 10:20pm on the same day.

Good about Oak Hotel
  • Good price and location, near train station
  • Wifi available in rooms
  • Hot shower that work instancely
  • Attractions Information board
  • Discount coupon for Robot Restaurant available!
Improvement for Oak Hotel
  • should have provide some better body and hair shampoo  
  • should provide more and bigger washing and dryer machines 

8:10 AM - Breakfast
Tried some Instant noodle in a convenient store that we bumped to (315 yen).

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8:40 AM - Hotel La Cachette

We can't check in to Oak Hotel before 3pm. Therefore, after we left our luggage in the storage room, we head out to Hotel La Cachette which was about 1.4km (17mins) walk.

Check out the google map on the left on the walking direction from Oak Hotel.

You might have heard of some stories of 'Love Hotel' in Japan before. How about to experience one so you would have some interesting story to tell back home.
After a sleepless night at Haneda airport, my and wife decided to give this Hotel La Cachette a try.

Like any other Love Hotel in Japan, you would notice a information board outside the fancy looking hotel displaying it's rental for short stay or 'rest'.

Here are some simple steps to use Hotel Cachette (I assume would be similar for other Love Hotels) :

  • Select the available room on the menu. we selected room 203, 6300 yen for a short stay (5am~5pm)
  • You don't have to pay yet until you want to leave the room
  • A slip would be printed after you selected the room
  • Take the lift and head to your room that already unlocked.
  • Lock the room after u enter it and the clock already start ticking and counting until you check out.
We found that the room comply to most features that a Love Hotel should be having:
  • More spacious than normal hotel
  • Large bath tub and jacuzzi shower(broken)
  • small lcd tv screen(broken) besides the bath tub
  • Big comfortable bed, Big TV with Karaoke and PS2 system
  • Massage Chair and shoulder massager
  • TV 'program' and 'videos'
  • chargeable toys
Anyway, this room is not a fancy themed room that what normally others like to describe on the internet (i.e. dungeons, classroom, jail, hello kitty, etc)

We required to made the payment either by cash of credit card on a Kiosk machine beside the door when we want to leave. Else the door would not open and we would be locked inside the room :)
Make sure you have the exact amount because I'm not sure if the machine would return you the balance or not. I didn't try if my credit card would work or not though..

When we leave at 1:40pm, the total amount payable is 6300yen as per expected with no extra charge (I didn't take away any 'toys' though :D ..).

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2:00 PM - Asakusa 

A merely 4 minutes walking (300m) from La Cachette, we reached Sensoji temple浅草寺 main entrance! Yes, just a stone throw away. Anyway, we entered through the back entrance and not the from the front Kaminarimon(雷門, "Thunder Gate") where tourist/visitors normally entered from.

I think, this is even better because, we would still be leaving the main temple through Nakamise shopping street and Kaminarimon anyway to the Asakusa train station.

There is no repeated route for us :)

What to do here?

Of course, you would be enjoying the Tokyo most famous temple like Sensoji Temple and Asakusa Shrine. Feel free to join the locals and pose for your favourite spots for photo shooting session.

Do stop by this shop called Kagetsudo for snack. You will notice there is a lot of people queueing for the delicious Melon Pan (170 yen).

We did try the soft ice cream(250 yen) as well. Picked the green tea flavour which was yummy as well.

There was actually a rest area with a bit of shade for you to sit and enjoy your snack while do some people watching. Felt the peaceful environment where people from all walks of live chilling while we munching our snack away :D

After done with the main attraction, we left the place by strolling through Nakamise shopping street..

it's a busy street full with vendors selling 

local snacks, 




and samurai swords as well!

I wonder if my homeland's custom allows anyone to carry a sword back home or not.

Don't be surprise if you found that you actually spend equally or more time on this street than on the temple itself (like us).
3:00 PM - Lunch?
We tried some snacks along the way out from Nakamise and forgot about lunch.. :D

4:20 PM - Tokyo SkyTree

After exiting the Kaminarimon(雷門, "Thunder Gate"), we found our way to Asakusa station

> Depart from Asakusa Station (Platform 2)
Asakusa Line Asakusa Line 170 yen ?? Subway towards Inbanihonidai (4 mins, 2 stops)
> alight at Oshiage Station

At Oshiage Station, take Exit B3 with escalator and elevator access to street level, right across from the East courtyard.
There's a viewing platform built for photo ops of Skytree across the street (See the photo on the left)

The stairs which leads up to the platform seems cater for bicycle.

It was quite late when we reached. The shots on the right was taken at around 4:45 pm during sunset.

According to some source on the internet, not many people know about this platform which actually giving the nice photo ops of the Tokyo SkyTree.

Besides shooting the tallest tower in the world (we didn't pay 2k/3k yen for the two observation decks on the SkyTree to see the city here), there are few other thing we did here in Skytree Solamachi (mall) such as:

  • Visited Tontoro at Donguri Republic(Kyowakoku) at 2F(block12)
  • Bought Disney sea ticket (6200yen) at Disney shop at 3F block7
  • Visited Shounen JUMP shop at 3F block4
  • Ate a Crepe(450 yen) at Food Court - 3F block3

See the floor guide of Tokyo Solamachi here for the shops of your interest.

7:40 PM - Check in Oak Hotel
We realized that we still haven't check in to Oak Hotel at this point and it's already pass the check in time of 3pm.

In Skytree Solamachi, we walked to 1F, block3 to the Tokyo Skytree Station.

> Depart at Tokyo Skytree Station
TrainTobu Skytree Line 280? ?? Train towards Asakusa (3 mins, 1 stop)
> Transfer at Asakusa Station
Ginza Line Ginza Line ?? Subway towards Shibuya (3 mins, 2 stops)
> Alight at Inaricho Station

Inaricho Station is the nearest station to Oak Hotel. It was about 3 mins (230 m) walk to the hotel and before we check in.

11:06 PM - Mutekiya Ramen 麺創房無敵家
After checked in to Oak hotel and settled down, we went out at around 10:10pm to this famous Mutekiya Ramen.
I read a lot about it's big portion, thick soup and yummy pork!

> Depart at Inaricho Station
Ginza Line Ginza Line 160? ?? Subway towards Shibuya(2 mins, 1 stop)
> Transit at Ueno Station (Platform 2)
TrainJR Yamanote Line 160? ?? Train towards For Ikebukuro(16 mins, 8 stops)
> Alight at Ikebukuro Station

We managed to reach the restaurant at 11:06 pm and we immediately found out it's true! There was a long queue in front of the restaurant as described by others on the internet.

We gave up the queue as we might miss the last train back home. So we went home with dissappointment (plan your time well)

11:35PM - Yoshinoya Supper
We went home from Ikebukuro

> Depart at Ikebukuro Station (Platform 7,8)
TrainJR Yamanote Line 160? ?? Train towards Osaki for Ueno (16 mins, 8 stops)
> Transit at Ueno Station (Platform 2)
Ginza Line Ginza Line 160? ?? Subway towards Asakusa (1 min, 1 stop)
> Alight at Inaricho Station

Our Stomach was empty after we left Mutekiya Ramen restaurant without consuming any Ramen. As we get out from Inaricho station, Yoshinoya restaurant seems welcoming us and we couldn't resist it.

Quite a simple to order menu with picture and add-on side dish miso soup and salads.

Yes, it's a Japanese fast food chain restaurant.
The filling set meal on the right was just 600 yen.

11:15 PM - Oak Hotel
Walk back to Oak Hotel and called it a day... Oyasumi Nasai...

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